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October 4, 2008
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Citadel by AdamBurn Citadel by AdamBurn
This is the end result of several weeks of work, mainly due to lack of computer time, it is a corner stone in my art as it is my first piece which isnt just a planet with stars and a nebula, and its hand painted using a wacom except for the planet surfaces and the sun which are done using the usual texture work and filters.
My main inspiration for this image was Gary Tonge who is an amazing freehand digital painter.

I will also be making some more speed paintings and quick images showing different parts of the city from different perspectives.

So now this images is done I will start to do more matte paintings and freehand images like this one but I wont be abandoning my space scenes all together I will make some more soon.
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Nice view of the artificial worlds.  
You know a civilization is advanced when they call a PLANET they created a "citadel"...
Man i made a account just to ask you a question... what's the height of this tower?
This picture is just astonishing. La la la la 
Now THIS is a Citadel, I would pay to see the faces of people from Mass Effect when they see this XD
Its thousands of times more massive and I wouldn't be surprise if the population here exceeds a trillion.
Trillions is far too much.A few hundred billion at beast near a trillion.

Coruscant (Star Wars) has thousands of layers of planet and has a popullation of more than 5 trillion and this looks like the Hive Spire of a Hive World from Warhammer 40K.
Trillions are not that far fetched. Lets use the spire in the background. Assuming the planet is Earth sized we get a radius of about 1250km, and a height of 8495km. This gives us a volume of 13.9 billion cubic kilometer, or 13.9 quintillion cubic meters. Divide this number by how much space each individual take up and we can get an estimated population number.

How much space does each person need? Well we can get that from RL population density. Assume an average height of building to be 100m (a VERY generous assumption, NY have 794 buildings higher than 100m, that is not much really, considering how many buildings there are in NY) we get the following result
1. Manila(city): 2333m^3
2. Athens(city): 5941m^3
3. World Average(47/km^2): 2127660m^3 (This is an EXTREMELY LOW END estimate.)

So how much population do we get?
1. 5.96 quadrillion or 5958 trillion
2. 2.34 quadrillion or 2340 trillion
3. 6.53 trillion or 6533 billion

As you can see the amount of people that can live in a building this big is unimaginably large. Even with the most conservative number the building can still fit 6.5 trillion human. Coruscant is nothing in comparison. 

Sorry for my rant lol have a nice day :)

This still seems a bit too far fetched don't you think?

Then again this whole Citadel thing seems impossible to even stand but oh well who cares :P
Xrooven May 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Shares a greatly similar appearance to The Traveler from Bungie's new game Destiny. Were you by chance inspired by it?
AdamBurn May 26, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Check the time stamp :ahoy: This was made years and years before Destiny was even a thing if anything you should ask if they were inspired by this haha
Xrooven May 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Holy shit, my bad! :D

Valid point! I wouldn't be surprised! Hahaha...
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