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October 10, 2010
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Hunchback by AdamBurn Hunchback by AdamBurn
This is my entry to the EVE online Create a Ship contest, its called the Hunchback and is meant as a corporation based mining ship, it is able to mine both minerals and gas compounds and refine them without the need of a Space Port, this, and its holding capacity, means the ship can essentially strip mine a whole asteroid field and refine the materials on the go, never having to move until the resources run out.
Using "wireless" trading (some skill you get at a high trade experience level) the pilot can trade the refined goods again without the need of a Space Port.

Its big, ugly, but can rake in a lot of cash.
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MWellington May 25, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
i really like it thought i dont think that eve needs another mining vessel. what it really needs is an intermediett transport. something that bridges the gap between the <50m3 and the >700km3 something in the 100k-200k m3 range. this would be a good look for something like that.
This is a freaking awesome idea!!!! this ship should have definitely been put in the game!
This makes me think of what a T3 Mining Frighter might be XDD

a moving refinery...the only thing that comes to mind is

"Aww comes the freaking i dont get no ore >_< XD"
The front of it looks half caldari, half matar. Interesting use too, though not one I'd ever use :)
dazhouhui2004 Oct 24, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Very technologically beautiful. XDDD The function and explanation for it and the overall impression is gorgeous in its believableness. :clap: That and...I find it somehow beautiful in a strange way.

Yeah, despite what you say about it being big and ugly, I would say it's quite picturesque, though maybe that's just me being strange. :3
do i feel some 'Pillar of Autumn' in there?

must be the geometry of the top part...
looks good though, might have to start playing that game! if only i had the money...
LJFHutch Oct 19, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Absolutely awesome man, nice going :) I love the way it's flying out of the background, looks great.
I absolutely had to give you a shout out on this! Thank you so much for submitting such a stellar MINING ship, and I would LOVE to see this make it into EVE as the next mining/industrial based vessel. Wonderful, wonderful work!
Seeing a industrial in so many battle oriented ships is really refreshing.
Only thing that ccp might not want this as all araund miner/hauler since it can create huge increase in script miners. Bu i would like to see a hi-sec refiner/hauler ship tho. I hope ccp shows intress in this design as much i do.
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