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December 1, 2011
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Manticore by AdamBurn Manticore by AdamBurn

Here is the Manticore, a massive prototype beam weapon that was developed planet-side but realising they needed to test it against real fleets and in space they quickly fitted it on a rig and attached some engines, a rushed job with little to no armour or point defences, its all laser cannon baby.
Its also stupidly powerful, it has multiple fire modes, one a super long range a brutal single shot, being a beam weapon it never misses and usually they are very short range weapons, this prototype however is about 200 times bigger than the standard. Its other firing mode includes an EMP shot and overload function that sends out an EMP burst around the ship giving it at least some defence against fighters and bombers.
This ship should be supported at all times, its lack of armour means its rather weak if engaged, that's if you can get close to it, its quite agile as well for a 1 mile long cannon.

Cue "IMA FIRIN MA LAZAR!!" quotes

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(All graphics and information are copyright of novus aeterno LLC and Taitale Studios)
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I love your art, all of it. Like. Every single piece... I have no words.

I never comment but I do have to ask.. Is there any way I could use your ships designs and even stories - for a roleplaying forum I am working on ?
AdamBurn May 7, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks I am glad you like my work :ahoy: As for the forum thing I have no problem with you using them so long as credit is given to the original source. i.e me
I've probably mentioned this before, but I really appreciate and enjoy your background stories behind your artwork. It just brings out that extra bit of detail rather than just some sci-fi concept. Keep it up! :)
AdamBurn Dec 4, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
It helps in creating an image if there is some kind of background to it, helps define the look and feel of the vehicle or illustration :ahoy:
its not a backround story of the artwork its the backround story for this unit in the game it is for Novus Aeterno. many of adams recent uploads includeing this set of 3 capitalship have been for Novus Aeterno.
crisandm Dec 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
this will seriously cause some rage moments as it snipes people from way away in space.
wuestenbrand Dec 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Great Work .. :D ..
Barramundi-Guy Dec 1, 2011  Professional Filmographer
No doubt you didn't intend the description to be taken seriously, but excuse me if I take a moment and have some fun with the concepts you've laid out.

It's hard for me to look at this and not laugh. I'm studying Aerospace Engineering and the little sci-fi inaccuracies make the back story all that much more humorous. For example this being a 'rush job' - that would typically mean the scientific systems wouldn't work properly and would malfunction - armor I would imagine to be the most basic of basic systems to get functional - bolt some metal to the side of the craft and call it a day.

~one a super long range a brutal single shot
Beam weapons is space... does this thing have recoil? For every force there is an equal and opposite force, does this device fire beams in both directions at the same time so it doesn't alter its trajectory? Even light carries momentum, it's inescapable that firing a weapon that's destined to do substantial damage would need to alter the spacecraft's trajectory after firing in an unbalanced system.

~sends out an EMP burst around the ship giving it at least some defence against fighters and bombers
And here I would have thought an EMP would be the weapon itself, knocking out all the sensors on whatever craft lies in the way.

I will say to a first-approximation, this does look torque balanced though. If you're exerting a very large force at a particular point on the spacecraft (when the weapon fires), you want that force to be applied in line with the center of mass so that you don't end up torquing the spacecraft and spinning wildly. Here it looks like the structure is cut out of the top (the incomplete ring in the front) to account for the extra mass of the red part of the ship and some added mass in the back.

:) Artistically though, I rather like the glow section near the rear of the craft. It reminds me mildly of the sparks from a metal-working shop. The clouds in the back right make for a nice backdrop. The lights above the spacecraft's name are a nice touch.
AdamBurn Dec 1, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I have had a few comments in my time on this site that are similar to yours, comments that shout "LOOK AT ME I KNOW STUFF!!" that's great and congratulations on your knowledge but this is an art site and this image in particular is for a game, a science fiction game (emphasis on the word fiction is clearly needed) a form of entertainment so if you were to go around and question the design, back story, and description of every made up sci-fi related ship, weapon, and object you would either be ridiculed, ignored, or hunted down by angry nerds and fired into the sun.

I don't see the point of your comment, well I do but I don't understand why you make it, this is clearly for a game project, a sci-fi game set in space using huge space craft if I could I would write game in huge letters with shiny bits around it so you can notice it more, yes I get that a lot of designs in games do have grounds in reality and certainly our designs do but at the end of the day if reality and real world physics get in your way of creating something cool and enjoyable you ignore it and use artistic license, its called game design, if we all made games and movies that adhered to perfect physics and realistic aesthetics then we wouldn't have movie and game makers we would just hire scientists to make what is essentially a simulation.

If everyone with a shred of knowledge on space, aerospace engineering, physics, astronomy, geology, etc commented on game design like you have just done and in that manner of over thinking and over complicating it then people would give up, you didn't seem to have an issue with the space clouds, should I mention that realistically you cant see nebula in the night sky or when in space unless using different wave lengths, certainly not via visible light alone, but then we would have very dull boring black backgrounds.

Yes you obviously have significant knowledge on aerospace and for someone who is studying it I should hope you do but why do you think its wise to apply said knowledge to a purely fictional object designed for fun to be used in a form of entertainment? Also on another not yes in theory lasers would have recoil but it is minute compared to that of a conventional solid projectile weapon (read for more info [link] )

Many great scientists are also sci-fi fans, its a genera that allows ones mind to wonder and make shit up, maybe even stuff that couldn't possibly exist but that's the whole point of it, and while some topics or elements of past science fiction have since become science fact it doesn't stop the fact that some of it is purely imaginative and some of the stuff sci-fi authors and artists have created have been incredible and breathtaking. I feel sorry for you if this is how you view every single sci-fi related topic, with such closed mindedness and some kind of need to prove that you know something, reading a sci-fi novel must be hell for you? Man I think watching Star Wars must have been pretty hard on you too, yes?

If you find what I have said in the above paragraphs insulting in anyway then I ask you to re-read your own comment and view it with a bit more open mindedness and maybe you will see how insulting it is to myself, also just as a test to see if you have read this comment all the way through if you reply to it start with the word mushroom, after a huge wall-o-text like the one above I find it interesting to see who actually reads all the way through. :ahoy:
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