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Midado by AdamBurn Midado by AdamBurn
This was a commission I was asked to do for a new Online MMO called Midado-Online, The site is [link]

The requested concept was the earth in a state of emergency, the surface on one side is always facing the sun as its rotation has stopped and it gets very got. The atmosphere is escaping at the poles causing aurora and other nasty things to happen, also the moon exploded.

All rights reserved by Midado-Online.

Under no cercumstances should this image be used for manipulation.
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Noble--6 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Really cool concept - nice work!
felipewii1 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
f***king amazing ;)
Helge129 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
",also the moon exploded." That made me chuckle a bit :P

This looks awesome like all of your work.
devilscalling Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2012
not to sund like a dick....but f the earth stopped spinning everything on its surface including a few hundred feet of dirt would be ripped free and thrown into space.....its an epic picture though
AdamBurn Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Not really, it's not the spin of the planet that keeps us rooted to the ground its the size and mass of the planet, the moon doesn't spin at all one side always faces the Earth yet there is gravity keeping all the very loose dust and rocks rooted. The magnetic field around Earth would keep going as well as that's not caused by the earth spinning but by molten rock spinning rapidly around the solid iron core, physics 1-0-1 hot liquid moving rapidly around a solid iron core = magnetic field. If the Earth did stop spinning it would have a huge effect on the weather, with one side always in sunlight and one in dark coldness there would be some epic storms especially across the border between night and day, maybe even permanent storms.
BurningArrows Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013
I think what he's trying to say is, due to the fact that the Earth actually spins quite fast, a halt like that would be noticeable on the surface... like, if someone is flung several feet to the left. It might not actually throw things out into space, though.
...But what do I know? I'm not an astronomer.
daiokaio Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011
absolutely beautiful. All done with photoshop? Painter?
AdamBurn Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
All done in Photoshop, and using a Wacom graphics tablet :ahoy:
daiokaio Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011
nice! i have a wacom tablet, but I don't have any drawing experience. I think i need to take some courses in drawing first before i can tackle photoshop or painter. I'll use your work for inspiration. Thanks.
AdamBurn Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Well in that case good luck to you :ahoy:
jizzyjiz Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Phebe-Moreaux Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2011
The Earth looks scorched where it faces the sun and the blue of the aurora looks like it's steam, floating away. Also the moon exploded. :D
exocolumn Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2011
Great work!
TomFledger Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2011

i'm kind of interested of this story. The last humans tries to escape the devastating destruction(from the looks of it), and i'm wondering that they'll learn how they might adapt outside/away from their home planet. This is the kind of story i'm working on recently for my own.

But then again, i wish i knew how to do this. all i would do now is fav this. thanks man, this is my dream concept.
WordBearer Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2010
Um, holy shit!!!
Militant-Jester Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2010   General Artist
Looks great :D
ex0o Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2010   Digital Artist
awesome artwork m8. I wonder when this game will come out?
AdamBurn Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Sadly never, as with about 98% of these internet based games it never made it to release
MidAdo Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2010
Well... I certainly hope that it's not never =)

This project has been put on temporary hold until I get one that is a little smaller scale off the ground first. MidAdo will always be in my mind though until I finish it or I take it to the grave. Hopefully the first and much sooner than never.

In the meantime though your piece acts as a wonderful source of inspiration for me. It was so beautifully done and a real masterpiece in my opinion. Thank you.
ex0o Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2010   Digital Artist
oh too bad :/
xXawesomesauceXx Featured By Owner May 28, 2010
somebody obviously divided by zero.
Velikorossiya Featured By Owner May 25, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Wow, um... Leave Earth??
ghostfire12 Featured By Owner May 20, 2010
Wow! This is really cool! Awesome work! :)
Nuukeer Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2010
And it's gotten VERY cold on the dark side, approaching -273.15 degrees C.
AnalyzerCro Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Fantastic job!
woxus Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2010
woow, i love your stile, i like too your images of Halo.
AdamBurn Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
civergeek Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:wow: o.O! BRAVO!!!!!
Spring-Heeld-Jim Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2009
because everyone knows the moon exploding isnt that important
Pixel-pencil Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2011  Student General Artist
You just made my day :D
AdamBurn Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah its more of a foot note
illogan Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
this is so beautiful!
EdShot90 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, i love your Pics
Very epic Scenes :D
Melica75 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2009  Professional General Artist
:faint: Instant fav!!!
ernesto1de Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2009
Wow! Very interesting. Good job.

Ciao ;-)
Nova706 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2009  Professional Interface Designer
ernestt13 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2009
dude, this is SICK. and since i think everything else you make is also epic, this comment will default to every other picture on your profile.
Khamal25 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Amazing work ! Really, the texture, the colors are so beautiful. Also, the spacecraf and the planete.
Congratulation for this "Awesome-Creation" !
purplerose Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2009   Photographer
Oh no, things are really messed up here, huh? Destruction or not, it's a beautiful image. :D
radu-jm Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2009  Professional General Artist
wow! Really interesting concept!
Great work... amazing colours!
Ihabiano Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2009
Dear lord!!! I can stare at it forever
Marx-Paragon Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2009
how did you do this, i mean how did you get the moon to look shattered? O_O
Timeship Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2009  Professional Writer
Very good, now you're talking! Well, "I weep for the species," though...
LucaMaria Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your artwork is really great! i learn something just simply watching at your works!
DragonStrider Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Spectrumancer Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I think the Earth would look awesome with an asteroid ring like that.

Of course, if it came from the moon exploding that could be rather dangerous. That is, if the Earth wasn't already half-burning, half-freezing, and the atmosphere wasn't leaking into space.

You know what, nevermind. We don't need an asteroid ring...
ortix Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2009
*can't find jaw*
Necron-cheese Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2009
Words escape me ~
Awesome job!
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